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Hair extensions done by Mida Bui, at The Mida's Touch Salon,hair salon in Glendale,Az
Hair extensions
The " Midas's Touch salon"only uses:
Quality 100 % Human Hair Extensions using  the Latest Technology for Damage Free to your Natural hair.
Our tresses are made of top quality human hair attached to an anchor band of thin,flexible material. Clients return every 4 to 6 weeks to have the tress reapplied for a minimal fee of $75. The result is a comfortable fit and natural movement without unsightly bonds that can damage client hair. The tresses are reusable and may be removed and reapplied at a later date. The hair is easy to maintain and may be worn up or down. No fusion system offers this flexibility.
System using fusion (glue) can damage client hair,are uncomfortable,unnatural and take several hours to apply.
Fusion systems involve styling limitations,shed and are expensive to maintain at a cost of several hundred dollars every 6 to 8 weeks.
The choice is simple. For Length,Volume or Color enhancement: Get the the latest hair extension revolution! :)...
Affordable and Damage Free Human Hair extensions  can be done at The Mida's Touch Salon,hair salon in Glendale
Short Hair without hair extensions can be done at hair salon in Glendale,The Mida's Touch Salon
Picture of actual client before Quality, 100 % Human Hair extensions were  applied.
Human hair extensions without damage to your natural hair by Mida
Picture of after the 100 % Human Hair extensions had been applied and a complimentary haircut by Mida Bui.
Extra Pictures of Mida Bui 's talent...
Quality Human hair extensions at The Mida's Touch Salon,hair salon in Glendale,Arizona
This picture is showing the last application of the band.
     Final result of application.
Hair extensions by Mida Bui, hair salon in Glendale, at  The Mida's Touch Salon,hair salon in Glendale,Az
Best hair colorist by Mida Bui, at hair salon in Glendale,at The Mida's Touch Salon.
Complimentary cut and color to blend in the new hair extensions.
The Midas Touch Salon,hair salon in Glendale offering complimentary makeup for a girl nite out when a hair extension service is done.
Complimentary makeup for a great girl nite out:)