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Brazilian treatment


Our Japanese Hair Straightening and Smoothing products are formulated and manufactured in Japan.

A New generation in Hair Treatments and Hair Straightening has arrived. We now carry the most advanced in the trend of Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments and Services.

The line of products that we carry is prestigiously world renowned for having the highest quality ingredients and for being the safest and most effective of the 'Innovative Beauty Systems'.

Some want Japanese Straightening . Others want Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. If you can't decide which is better. Well, how about both?

The Midas' Touch Salon now is offering the long lasting straight hair with the flawless finish of the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment. Combine the Japanese Thermal Straightening and the Advanced keratin Treatment and see the difference! The Advanced Keratin products are formulated with many natural oils and conditioning ingredients as well as Hydrolyzed Keratin,Soy Proteins and best of all, Grape Seed Oil,a known antioxidant, to create silky, smooth and undoubtedly beautiful looking hair. It's a revolutionary treatment (aka Brazilian Keratin) that reconstructs the hair by depositing keratin deep into the hair to repair damage and at the same time straightens hair and eliminates frizz. It s not permanent and it will not cause damage!

The most common problem to Brazilian Keratin Treatment is they don't last last very long (2~4 months). The result of the Hybrid will be the same or better than a keratin treatment alone and will last up to 8 months or until significant re-growth.

Note:the effectiveness of the service will depend on the integrity of the hair before the treatment and whether post care products have been used as recommended..

Home care after chemical services:

Harsh cleaning agents can easily cause damage to the hair or sometimes can revert the hair to its shape before receiving the service. Post care products need to be sodium chloride free and formulated to enhance the longevity of the treatment or service and to maintain the straightness of the hair.

 We strongly recommend client to purchase all the Keratin treatments such as Shampoo,Conditioner, Mask, Serum and Kera Fusion for longer lasting of the service.

Call or Text Mida Bui for a Free consultation (602) 427-8868. 

Hair before Brazilian Advanced Hair Treatment was performed.

Hair after the Brazilian Advanced Treatment with a complimentary designer cut to fit client's lifestyle. Result:Shine and Strength guaranteed.!

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