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How to look young in your 30's


Hair salon in Glendale, The Midas Touch Salon by Mida Bui


Finding your best hair cut is the key to look younger. Bangs are no substitute for BOTOX. But if your hair cut evolves as you age,it can do a lot to keep you looking good. A good hair cut can minimize fine lines,OBSCURING certain facial changes and, yes,even making you appear thinner." Not to change is aging!'',do not get stuck in a styling time warp, remember every look has an expiration date!.


The 30's is the age for power cut; the age when you have more confidence and the looks to make big changes. You may go short;  you may go bold with color. You can be experimental and  just have fun! This is also the time to give up bad hair care habits from your twenties by treating yourself to weekly deep conditioning your hair. This is the time for you  to get a hair cut that complements your features and body type  instead of the style your friend has. For petite go for sleeker look, for wider frame go for balance with layers and volume. If you have fine hair go for lighter hair products and lower heat settings tools.For coarser hair go for more emollient stylers. There are 3 styles that can't fail when you are in your 30's: the angled bob, the pixie cut and the blunt cut.


Call or Text Mida Bui for a hair makeover at 602-427-8868!


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Note: more blogs coming up for best look in your 40,50 and 60s. Look out for special discounts ...





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