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Straightening curly hair tips



The best cut for curly hair is  extreme lengths. Very short curly hair can be blown straight in minutes flat. And very long hair tends to flatten under its own weight.

To straighten curly hair you will need consistent tension,strong heat and some moisture. Start by using antifrizz shampoo and conditioner such as Biomega smoothing shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. Next,mix a drop of anti frizz serum by Aquage and hydrating styling smoothing cream by Biomega through damp hair,comb through then crank up the dryer up to its highest heat,which will help hair dry fast ,before it has a chance to curl. Spray Beyond Shine by Aquage,best heat protectant spray onto the hair. Pull hair taut while blowing on a low speed and aim air toward the ends to avoid flyaways. Finish with a flat iron and a drop of shine of serum

Save money and time by doing a Keratin smoothing or Pure Brazilian smoothing treatment by calling Mida Bui at 602-427-8868. Ask for special of the month to save.. 

for more info on the services.


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