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Tips on Curly hair


Tips on making the best out  of your curly hair:


Curly hair should never be worn one lenght, which can give you the dreaded pyramid effect. Never allow curly hair to be razor cut, which can leave them frizzier and fray-prone. Use super hydrating shampoo and conditioner, we recommend Biomega Silk shampoo and its intensive conditioner,their  breakthrough formula transform your coarse,curly,frizzy hair with  a silkening infusion of Biomega nutrients,exotic oils and nourishing algae extracts into smooth and silky hair frizz free manageability and vibrant shine.  They' reSulfate and paraben free,UVA/UVB color protection,No animal testing.  Next, add a nickel -size drop of styling cream and shine serum ( more if your hair is thick) to towel-dried hair. Then shape your hair into twists and dry into naturally or with a diffuser.If you want looser curls, finish by winding sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron, this can straighten coils a little.  We carry beauty products that contain ingredients which above all, do no harm-because like you we care for earth and hair.


Call or Text Mida Bui at 602-427-8868 for a makeover to your hair. You are so worth it!



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