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Crystal Gel is the professionals' choice to demineralize and normalize hair prior to chemical services. Powerful antioxidants also help repair dry,damaged, oxidized hair for rich color,flowing movement and incredible style.

The #1 saboteur of all chemical services is the water!

Water (hard water,soft water or softened water) used to shampoo leads to buildup of mineral deposits and damage caused by chlorine.

These elements in the hair and on the scalp can cause the following issues:

1-Color Does not Match Swatch

2-Reds and Other Colors Fade

3-Blondes Become Dull,Muddy or Brassy

4-Hair Feels Dry & Appears Damaged

5-Poor Gray Coverage

6-Hair Lacks Shine

7-Highlights & Bleaching Seem Resistant

8-Dry,Flaky,Itchy,Irritated Scalp        

Crystal Gel is the solution!

Call Mida Bui for a Free consultation on your hair wellness!

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